In 1962 this church started its humble beginnings under the leadership of Elder James McCrary, Sr., with his family First Lady Harrie Lee McCrary and children James Jr., Anthony, Cheryl and Beverly. Services were held in a building which was in dire need of repairs.  An anonymous person donated to the church a house located on Inwood Road.  The lumber from the house was used to make repairs to the church. Meanwhile God gave Elder McCrary, Sr. a vision to build a new brick church, which he and his wife took and put into action. With the assistance of the saints, a new church was built and established in 1965. The church was named El Bethel Church of God In Christ (a God given name). God also promised Elder McCrary a home for his family if he would be faithful by first building a church for God and the saints.

Pastor McCrary faithfully preached the Word of God for 37 years. God blessed El Bethel and the saints.  We had a pastor and wife who loved God. First Lady McCrary loved working with the young people and was faithful in singing and praising the Lord in her music ministry. El Bethel became known as the “Little Church with the Big Heart”.

After 37 years of service, Pastor McCrary was aging and decided to appoint his second son, Elder Anthony V. McCrary as Co-Pastor. Elder McCrary served faithfully in this capacity for five years supporting his father and providing assistance wherever needed. In the year 2000, Bishop J. N. Haynes appointed Elder Anthony V. McCrary as Pastor of El Bethel Church of God In Christ. With the appointment of Pastor Anthony V. McCrary and his wife, Loretta D. McCrary, the ministry moved in a different direction; one which was still God focused, but more energetic, more worship, praise and more teaching of God’s word.

After a few years, discussions began to emerge about a new church.  The existing structure would not accommodate the vision that the pastor and wife had for this ministry.  Brainstorming sessions were held and the idea of building at another location was explored as well as moving into a church already built.  A couple of locations were considered but it was not yet God’s time. Finally in the year of 2004, construction on the new church began. Upon completion in 2005, God spoke to Pastor McCrary and said “Greater things will be done here in this place” which inspired him to name the new church Greater El-Bethel Church of God in Christ. On April 9, 2005 our new building was dedicated to the glory and honor of God.